Last Minute Lemons

Last Minute Lemons

Like most other sewists I am always sewing right up until I go on holiday. This December, as packed to spend Christmas with family, was no different. I decided the day before I left that I needed another bra for my vacation, so set to work. First, I decided on a pattern. I chose my tried and trusted Lusamine pattern by LilypaDesigns. I love this pattern as it designed for those who have an omega shape, such as myself. It’s a pattern I have used many times before and I know that fits, as I had previously made some adjustments.  The BCD (bottom cup depth) works well for me, as well as the HH (horizontal hempishere). I have however needed to move the strap in. I also use internal slings which are great for providing support for larger busts.


I used a seamesew supplies bra making kit to put this together, with an extra length of the lace as I wanted to make the entire cup out of lace.  I used 2m of our lemon embroidery lace,  a mint blue lace, embroidered with lemons at the edge. I cut out the cup pieces, paying close attention to the cup edge, making sure that I used the embroidery for this section. I then cut out the lower cup pieces our stabiliser fabric in brown, choosing a colour that is nearest my skin tone.


The wing and the internal slings (not pictured here) were cut out from our icy blue powermesh, using just 1 piece. Lastly, we used one of our 18mm findings kit in icy blue, which is great for the larger sizes of this bra. The icy blue is also available in 12mm or 15mm bra kits, and the great thing is we do a create your own bra kit, so that you can have your bra kit just the way that you want it. The underwire is a Porcelynne heavy duty wire which we also carry in our online store


This bra came together pretty easily but that is probably because I have made it a couple of times already. It took about 2 hours for me to put this together, which meant  it was something I could complete as a last minute addition to my suitcase.

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